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Ever since I made a conscious decision when my daughter was only 9 months old to full-time parent on my own, I dedicated myself to continuously learn as much as I could to be the best version of myself; teaching myself how to parent and a set of skills / tools that would not only benefit me as father, but would also equip my daughter in such a way that would lead to a joyful and empowered life…

Dadologi has been created to share all my knowledge, skills and experience in parenting, neuroscience, psychology, NLP, spiritualism and the alike to help others on this exciting, yet often terrifying, journey.

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Mom’s Trucker Cap

The Trucker Hat is the retro look that will add style to any outfit. It’s business in the front and party in the back.The mesh

Kids Trucker Cap

The Trucker Hat is the retro look that will add style to any outfit. It’s business in the front and party in the back.The mesh

Dad’s Trucker Cap

The Trucker Hat is the retro look that will add style to any outfit. It’s business in the front and party in the back.The mesh

Life lessons for Adults and Kids

Who's Responsibility is it

Who’s Responsibility is it?

Who’s Responsibility Is It? Taylor: Thanks for helping me with my chemistry homework, dad! Dad, today I was at school and someone said something mean

Which Wolf Do You Feed

Which Wolf Do You Feed?

There are two wolves; good and bad. So, which wolf do you feed? An amazing story uncovers a great lesson. An old Cherokee is teaching

Are you a Quacking Duck?

Story Of The Quacking Duck One day a beautiful sunny day, Brinn and his daughter took a stroll down to the pond to eat their

"There is no such thing as a perfect parent! Only a parent doing the best they can in every moment with the time, resources and capacity available to them"​
- Brinn Tomes

parenting pillars & tips that will turn you into a
parent #superhero

Parent with love

Kids who feel loved feel secure in their relationship with themselves and others and are able to self-soothe and manage their own self-love as they develop this with their caregiver. Parental love, is shown by warmth, care, comfort, concern, support, acceptance, or simply love that the child can feel. Our first love is supposed to come from our parents as we are a nurturing species.

Parent with security

Every creature on this planet, wants to feel safe. Making sure your child feels safe and secure is one of the most important parts of parenting! Routine, rules, structure, environments thats are safe and the alike with a parent that listens intently to what their child is saying, gives the child a feeling of emotional and physical love and most importantly, security to develop and blossom!

Parent with care & intention

Being emotionally available to your child and their needs helps them grow into a strong, confident, physically and emotionally secure child that is able to self-regulate and be aware of themselves and others. Emotional wellness and intelligence comes from being in tune with oneself and ones’s sense of self. An “intentional parent approach”, helps you stay present and available to your child and their needs ongoingly.

Parent with action or "role-modelling"

Our children mimic our actions and behaviours and thus we need to pay careful attention to this. Great parenting has us reflect on our own good and bad habits or behaviours in order to relook at what it is that we will be passing on to our kids. Parenting has us take a deep audit of our own lives in order to help us grow good healthy habits to help our kids make better decisions about their own health and wellness, education, welfare, their own needs, their future self and their own self-mastery.

Parent with knowledge​

Parenting is an ever evolving process of growth for you as an individual and as a parent with the commitment to ongoing learning and knowledge.The fact is that we don’t know everything and that’s ok and all part of the adventure in every moment. Committing to continuously wanting to learn helps us grow as individuals and as parents and in-turn, helps our children grow to be better versions of themselves while demonstrating and giving them tools to to continuously grow – a lifeskill that will help them throughout their journey.

Parent with purpose and confidence

Parenting with purpose and confidence gives you a goal to constantly evaluate, learn, adjust, grow, execute and repeat with a commitment to “CANI”, Constant And Never-ending Improvement (taken from the Japanese word “Kaizen”). The feeling and action that we can always do more and be more in every moment is true to a parent with purpose. Parenting with confidence is knowing you are doing the best you can in every moment which will set you free from constantly questioning yourself & your decisions.


Karolien Notebaert, Ph.D in Cognitive Neuroscience

As an inspiring speaker, bestseller author and trainer, Karolien Notebaert makes cutting-edge (neuro)science applicable to everyone in their daily lives.She is a selected TEDxTalk and GedankenTanken speaker enabling people to become the best version of themselves by Hacking the Brain.

With a Ph.D. in neuroscience and a Master in Economics, Karolien Notebaert applies more than 15 years of experience in science and business to enable people  to naturally increase their performance by building strong leadership. ….read more

Our Courses

About Our Courses

Dadologi offers tips, tricks and neuroscience hacks to help parents “parent with purpose” through courses designed to equip you with knowledge about yourself as an individual in order to be a great parent.

Our courses all revolve around the concept of “Self-Mastery” and what our personal truth is, which is has us learn about ourselves ongoingly in every new moment of our lives because we are constantly changing.

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