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About us and #dadologi

My pivot to serve others came in 2014 when I held my daughter in my arms for the first time and fell madly in love with my child, my greatest teacher.

At the time of her arrival, I was living life in the fast lane with no direction, pushing everything to the limit having done so much in my life, both good and bad, there just didnt seem to be anything I still had left to experience or anything left for me to conquer. I was working hard, partying harder and serving myself on my way to my own grave.

I remember holding my daughter in my arms in the hospital with tears running down my face, because it was in this moment I realised that I had been blessed with the greatest gift from the universe and with it the greatest responsibility while, I was actually a mess.
It was in that moment I knew that I had to change my life because I felt ashamed of who I had become as the mirror I was holding didn’t reflect the person I was born to be and that of a a great role model, especially now, to my innocent daughter.


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So, I made a promise on that day to her and myself that would have me question everything I knew about myself and the world to escape the chains that held me back, to break the cycle, so that she would be able to be free from the shackles of old programming.

It was my own “thought of change by changing the thought” as well as asking myself, “What is My Truth” that started my process and Life Transformation.

Wanting a better future for my daughter had me make difficult decisions, that had me say goodbye to almost every friendship that I held dear together with my ego which also led me to raising my daughter on my own since she was 9 months old.

She has given me passion, been my driving force, given me purpose to equip and elevate myself from my toxic waste to being a better person able to equip my daughter with life skills, tools, emotional intelligence with strong foundations to give her the best opportunity in life free from old programming and human evolution shortcomings of cellular memory and epigenetics.


Since her birth I have learned what unconditional love is while immersing and dedicating myself to learning as much as I could about to understand myself in order to help her with her own understanding of life and me with mine, while developing my parenting skills to parent with consciousness and purpose which have led me me to neuroscience, NLP, psychology, spiritualism, quantum physics, quantum mechanics and even became a life coach to best help us both navigate the future.

It was in 2022 when my daughter was 6 years old, she came up to me one day and said: “dad, let’s start a Vlog”, I was baffled how a 6 year old knew what a vlog was and then asked her, “what would we vlog about”, to which she replied that we had paved the way for so many other parents that we could share our story to help others… heart melted….and on that day, “Dadologi – the art & science of parenting” was born with it’s two founding members, the dad & daughter team.

So join us on our journey as we share in yours.

Much love, peace and respect

Namaste 🙏

Brinn & Taylor

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