Areas of The Brain

Want to know the three main areas of the brain? Here we go.

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An overview of the brain

The brain is the most complex organ, and its main objective is to keep us alive and achieve our goals. It does this by helping us breathe eat walk and talk about the basic essentials of our survival. It is geared to search for any dangers in our environment and prompt us to respond quickly. What’s more, the outbreak is us the ability to plan ahead, solve problems experience emotions, store memories, and communicate with others all the things that make us human.

Our brain is the control center of the entire body driving out every thought, feeling, and action just how do our brains do this?

Regions of the brain

There are three main parts of the brain, which are as follows with their functions.

  • Cerebrum:

The cerebrum is an essential part of the brain that regulates most things that you hear, feel, or touch. Learning, reasoning, emotions, loving, and hating are all possible due to the cerebrum. It mostly functions to develop sensations and feelings in human.

  • Cerebellum

This part of the brain deals with balance, posture, and coordination. It holds more than half of the neurons in the human brain. It covers a wide range of functions and processes, both in the mind and the human body. The response we feel, such as fear or pleasure, is mainly due to the cerebellum. It is a smaller part of the brain in comparison to the cerebrum.

  • Brainstem

This part of the brain has control over automatic body functions that humans don’t carry out consciously, such as sleep, and breathing.

As we interact with our environment at the base of our brain is the primitive region, in the middle is the feeling region and at the front and top of our brain is the thinking region. Well, these three regions have their own special function.

Furthermore, they operate as one connected network to keep us alive and reach our goals. The primitive region of the brain looks after those basic life functions that just happen automatically like our breathing and heart rate, it also helps coordinate our basic physical movements such as our balance and posture more than this.

It plays a key role in scanning our environment to search for those things that may threaten our chances of survival. This helps the instinctual part of our brain kick into action automatically.

The middle failing region of the brain plays a significant pot in our emotional and social experiences throughout life. This is the part of our brain where emotions and impulses such as anger, fear, and pleasure come from. It activates when our primitive region detects a threat in the environment and triggers our fight or flight response.

This region drives many of our behaviors and habits and helps us form memories and attach feelings to them, particularly when we experience strong feelings such as fear or happiness.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, I think the cerebellum is the largest and most highly developed part of the human brain. It stores our memories and allows us to plan, enables us to imagine, or analyze a situation along with several other perks. It is the part of the brain where we can take control of decision-making. Our thinking region gives us our likes and dislikes or hopes and ambitions

Hence, those things make us uniquely human and different from all other animals on this planet. These three regions of the brain work together to coordinate out every thought that seems to be an alien action.

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