Effects of Positive language vs Negative Language

There are two ways to say something. One is to use the tool of negative language and the other is to use a strong word choice that’s both effective and positive. For perfect parenting, one would always choose a positive language. Negative language causes stress and can lead to several other mental health disorders while positive language affects the areas of the brain and improves cognitive functions. Here are the effects of Positive language vs Negative Language.

How To Speak To Kids For Better Understanding

Be Polite

Using polite language and speaking with softness is what kids understand better. Children lose consciousness if one shows anger or control over them, or they fear something. Always make sure to use a soft tone.

Keep It Funny & Interesting

Do the children understand elderly conversations that include topics like philosophy or something? Obviously not. When talking with the children, ensure that it’s interesting and funny. Kids would love to hear the fun stuff that has some message for them. This is how you can always teach a child.

Take His/Her Name

Taking the name of the person you’re talking to always builds confidence and trust. Always say, “John, what would you like to eat when we go out instead of saying what would you like to eat when we go out”. This would make him realize that you’re much familiar with his likings and disliking. Also, this is how children can express themselves better.

Give Compliments

Complimenting a child positively that holds his esteem high and is remarkable would mean a lot. He will recognize that there’s a sense of understanding and would be able to show inside of him. He will get to be confident, expressive, and open to further learning. So, that’s important if you can start the conversation with a kid with some sort of positive compliment.

Try This To Boost Confidence In A Child:

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