Holding Space for Big Emotions

While teaching kids about processing emotions, there’s a need to have space to hold emotions. Holding Space for Big Emotions is where you have to make kids confident to handle them, or even feel them. Here’s what to do so children have enough to feel and express.

  • Accept The Feelings

Accept the feelings they have, even without solving the problem. If you would have to impose something, they will lose their actual feelings.

  • Give Them Time

Processing or expressing a big emotion is always abrupt. So, give kids due time, and on their timeline, not yours.

  • Keep Them Safe

Never punish the children and always let them realize there’s space for them to express themselves. This will reason holding space for big emotions.

  • Listen To Them

Kids want you to hear what they say. Make sure to give them a space to say it freely. You have to be an active listener only.

  • Maintain The Regulation

You have to maintain the regulation and discipline of what you are. It’s the impetus to developing a model to calm the body to have space for emotions.

  • Use Breathing Techniques

Breathing helps make our brain function well and boosts body systems. Set a routine with your child to have breathing exercises every day.

  • Hug & Kiss Your Child

Hugging and kissing your child helps release oxytocin and other happy hormones, which increase confidence and gratitude.

  • Tell Them About Your Love

You have to express yourself before they can. So, tell your child how much you love him or her, even if no matter what happens or how mistaken one is!

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