Limitations of the Brain

The brain is a central point of human life and has always been a topic of discussion for everyone. From the start of the world till now, we all have been thinking about at what level can our brains work. But, there has not even a single solid answer to this question about the limitations of the brain.

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What Are The Limitations Of The Brain?

As we are living in a vibrant and complex world, full of thousands of chores every day to fulfill. Some have to make out of relationships while others are busy earning their bread and butter. Some rejoice from the bundle of happy moments whereas others have sorrows to deal with throughout their entire life.

To function in this complex environment we rely on our senses, sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch to tell us what is happening around us. This is our perception of what else ends is capable of is incredible.

There are several myths about the use of the brain. Some would say that the human brain works only 10% of its overall capacity, and this was spread years ago. None can say this is true, because what if we say the human mind works 100%, will a human have god-like powers and decisions? Obviously, not.

Did you know our eyes received over 1 MB of information every second? This equals reading an entire encyclopedia every single minute. We can hear a person whispering from 10 meters away or someone shouting from 100 meters in less than a millisecond. Just one whiff of a familiar smell can trigger an old memory from childhood and our skin contains over 4 million receptors that give us vital information about temperature, pressure, texture, and pain.

Our experience of the world relies on our perception and attention. Perception helps us by first making us aware of our environment and gathering data on the world around us our attention assists by focusing on the relevant pieces of all the information gathered by understanding how these processes work and their limitations. We can take better control of our brains and achieve our goals.

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