Personality and The Brain


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At times we may feel blocked in our potential by feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, fear or simply a lack of self-confidence. These blockages are not always easy to reduce or get rid of.

Someone telling us not to feel afraid when walking on (life’s) stage does not always reduce our feelings of fear. Telling someone who feels sad not to worry and look at the bright side of life is not always sufficient to feel happy. At these moments, our inner blockages are not open to suggestions of the mind or kind suggestions of others. So what can help us here to unlock our inner power so we can rise and shine?

This is the question that I asked myself as a neuroscientist some time ago. The scientific insights that I was able to gain were an absolute life changer for me and are at the core of this journey. It is my privilege to share these insights with you with the purpose of creating a positive impact on your unique life quality.


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