Stages Of Fear Among Kids: Age By Age

Children are prone to startling, crying, and fearing unfamiliar things and situations. These fears are different for each age group, and adults do have fears at times. An 8-year-old girl may have fear of darkness while a 10-year-old girl may take darkness as a normal thing in her surroundings. So, let’s see the stages of fear among kids they normally experience in different age groups.

Stages Of Fear Among Kids By Age Groups

Children of different age groups can develop a varying sense of fearing things. One child might fear ghosts while others take it as fun stuff. Here are the most common fears by age group.

Ages 2-4

This age group has very common fears. Like, children of this age have fear of sleeping alone, shadows, wardrobes, etc.

ages 2-4

Ages 5-7

In this age group, children fear visiting the doctor, darkness, loud noises, and the rejection of friendship proposals. The fears may vary from the mental health perspective of a child, or in which community a kid lives.

ages 5-7

Ages 8-11

This age group is pretty sensitive. The kids fear exam results, ghosts, mistakes, loss of money or valuables, and other things they think have some importance in their lives.

ages 8-11

Ages 12-18

This age group involves several challenges and fears. This varies from failure to seek admission in the desired college, inability to ensure personal safety, unpredictability of future and much more.

ages 12-18

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